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Shavuot is the perfect holiday to sit back, relax, and enjoy the culinary gems that this fine land has to offer. With a tradition of cheeses and wine, our kosher Shavuot gift baskets are filled with the finest gourmet treats. Shavuot inspires us as we celebrate hashem's giving us the torah and our acceptance of all his laws. While it is not a Yom Tov that is known for gift giving, Vancouver Baskets offers kosher gift baskets to enhance your table during this Jewish holiday.

At Vancouver Baskets, we offer many delicious kosher gift baskets. You can customize or upgrade your gift basket with kosher wine, kosher foods, flowers, and much more. Our customization and upgrade options are a great way to create the custom gift basket for your friends and loved ones. Delight your friends with our delicious kosher gift baskets. We offer Shavuot gift baskets delivered to Vancouver.
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