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Chocolate & Cheese Celebration Gift Set

  • Elevate your party with the indulgence and sophistication of the Chocolate & Cheese Celebration Gift Set, featuring an array of snacks and sweets expertly curated for every occasion. From gourmet brie and handcrafted chocolate chip cookies to crispy cheese biscuits and milk chocolate-covered blueberries, this gift set is sure to leave a lasting impression. Additionally, delight in chocolate wafers, feta-mixed olive tapenades, tortilla chips, and bottles of vodka, which can be customized or upgraded from our extensive collection. Complete the experience with sour blue raspberry candy for a burst of tangy sweetness.

  • This is what is included in this basket:

    Hogtown Eats Gourmet Brie: Brie is a soft white mold cheese. It has a mild, slightly tangy and aromatic taste with a cream and smooth consistency. This Brie will keep its mild, characteristic flavor and soft texture over time due to the fact that the maturing process is stopped when the cheese is at its best.

    Divine Confections Milk Chocolate Blueberry: Chocolate Covered Blueberries are made with real dried blueberries covered in gourmet Belgian chocolate. This delicious chocolate covered treats are made in special revolving kettles using only the finest couverture quality chocolate and real fruit centers.

    Savoury Cheese Wafers: Fine, crunchy waffle style wafer with Cheese.  Goes well with wine and a cheese or charcuterie platter.

    Cookie It Up Hand Made Chocolate Shortbread: Exquisitely soft and crumbly, each of these shortbread cookies is a buttery delight that melts away to reveal a sumptuous milk chocolate center.

    Loacker Classic Chocolate Wafer: Three light, crispy wafers and two layers of the smoothest cream filling made with an exclusive cocoa and chocolate blend turn this wafer creation into something irresistible.  The delicious cocoa lends a particular bouquet to this creamy classic - and promises truly divine pleasure. The scientific name of the cocoa tree is "Theobroma", meaning "Food of the gods".

    Venetian Feta Mixed Olive Tapenade: A great choice for any occasion on top of fine bread or crackers.  Made from natural ingredients, it is excellent on finger foods.

    Bottle of Vodka: This gift set includes a bottle of premium liquor which can be upgraded if you wish. This bottle of liquor may be upgraded to any of the liquors from our extensive collection of alcohols from around the world, including several upgrade options that are available at zero additional cost. Additional bottles of wine, champagne, liquor or beer may be added as well to make this great liquor gift even better.

    suB Mini Sour Blue Raspberries 100g: These are so remarkably delicious. These sweet and sour, sugar-speckled blue raspberry flavored gummies are mouth-wateringly decadent with amazing raspberry flavor.

    Los Cantores Tortilla Chips Ancient Grain: Big corn flavor with a nutty overtone.  So flavorful, that it can be eaten by itself. Firm and crispy texture that does not wilt when dipped.  Contains a combination of grains and seeds that gives a unique flavor to the tortilla chip.  A great option for people that enjoy eating whole grains and are intolerant to wheat.

    Painted Galvanized Bucket: Galvanized pail that is great for keeping beer cold — just add the ice! Height 10' x diameter 11"

    2 bottles of Smirnoff Ice: This gift set includes two refreshing bottles of Smirnoff Ice to enjoy.

What Is Included in this Liquor Gift Basket?