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Guinness & Goodies Gift Set

  • With the Guinness & Goodies Gift Set, enjoy gourmet treats in style! Perfect for sharing, this gift includes six Guinness beers, chocolate truffles, a bar of chocolate, Cajun snack mix, dry roasted pistachios, two glass tankards, and a beverage box for storage and presentation. Treat someone special to a delicious array of flavors and snacks they’ll love! You can even make it custom by adding on additional snacks, drinks, flowers, and more from our custom options!

  • This is what is included in this basket:

    Beer - 6 Bottles of Guinness Beer : Six Guinness beers are included in this gift basket. A classic beer, enjoy a glass of the good stuff.

    Box - Brewery Wooden 6 pcs Beer Bottle Box : This beautiful box can hold up to 6 beverages securely for travel or storage. It features decorative text on the lid.

    Chocolate - Boss Dark Truffle Assortment - 6pcs Small : When you want to indulge in a sweet treat, enjoy BOSS Dark Chocolate Truffles in a delightful assortment. Pair this creamy chocolate with wine, tea, coffee, or hot cocoa. 60g

    Chocolate - Boss Dark Chocolate Envelope Bar - 100g : For dark chocolate lovers, BOSS has the 50% cacao dark chocolate bar that will satisfy all your bittersweet cravings.100g

    Nuts - Simply Naked Dry Roasted Pistachios : For the pistachios lover, our Simply Naked Dry Roasted Pistachios will make you smile. Lightly roasted in sea salt to bring out their flavor, enjoy them any way you like. Nature got it right.

    Snack Mix - Crunchies Cajun Snack Mix : A spicy snack, the Cajun Snack Mix is a salty treat with a satisfying crunch. Enjoy this mix with a cold drink, as a late night snack, and just whenever the craving strikes!

    Glasses - 2 Bjorn Tankards : Serve up a brew in this sturdy beer tankard that keeps your hands off the glass to keep it frosty cold.

What Is Included in this Beer Gift Basket?