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Harbord Coffee & Cake Basket

  • The Harbord Coffee & Cake Basket from Vancouver Baskets is a delightful way to express your appreciation to someone special. Whether it's for Mother’s Day, a birthday, or just to show someone they're valued, this gift basket is sure to delight. Inside this thoughtfully curated basket, you'll find a delectable array of treats, including a rich banana pecan loaf, raspberry yogurt pretzels from Monarch, a gourmet dark chocolate bar from Hendrickx, Amandola biscuits from Neuhaus, and strawberry preserve from Braswell’s. Additionally, enjoy the aromatic pleasure of Roasted Tsunami fair trade coffee, perfect for enjoying with the sweet treats. To add a touch of charm and versatility, the basket also includes a wine bottle-shaped cutting board and a potted succulent plant. With its irresistible combination of gourmet delights and thoughtful additions, the Harbord Coffee & Cake Basket is sure to make any occasion extra special. Trust Vancouver Baskets to deliver exceptional quality and satisfaction with every gift.

  • This is what is included in this basket:

    4" Succulent Plant : succulents, are plants with parts that are thickened, fleshy and engorged, usually to retain water in arid climates or soil conditions.

    Monarch Raspberry Yogurt Pretzels : Raspberry Yogurt Pretzels taste exactly like a fresh raspberry with an added crunch. Our Flavored Pretzel Bags fulfill both sweet and salty cravings, making them the ultimate snack with a tangy twist.

    Neuhaus Amandola : Discover our new Amandola biscuits, delicious almond cookies made according to a traditional recipe using fresh butter and almonds. The thin, unbelievably crunchy biscuits are coated with rich Belgian dark chocolate on one side. These gourmet European biscuits are a favorite treat to enjoy and to share.

    Banana Pecan Loaf : A fun twist on a classic favourite, the Banana Pecan Loaf is cake-like, moist. chewy and filled with loads of banana flavour and bursting with pecans. This is sure to be everyone's favourite sliced snack!  We do our best to keep our products as healthy and safe for all users, but they are processed in the same facility as products that contain peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and milk products.

    Roasted Tsunami Fair Trade Coffee. Current Medium Dark : Medium-dark roasts have a richer, darker color with a heavy body and some oil beginning to show on the surface of the beans. By choosing Fairtrade coffee you ensure farmers get a fair price for their beans and an additional Premium to invest in schools, and reforestation and agricultural improvements, for example.

    Wine Shaped Bamboo Board : Simple and cute, this Wine Shaped Bamboo Board is a unique addition to your life. Made of bamboo, this board is cutting friendly.   Metric - 48 x 18 x 1.5cm
    Imperial - 18.9 x 7.1 x 0.6in

    Hendrickx Belgian  Dark Chocolate : Rich and creamy, HENDRICKX Belgian dark Chocolate is the apex of delight. Traditionally crafted by dedicated chocolatier’s, HENDRICKX is a name you can trust to satisfy any chocolate craving.

    Braswell's Strawberry Perserve : Strawberry Preserves are made with freshly picked, top quality sun ripened strawberries. Delicious on toast, bagels or scones, Braswell's Strawberry Preserves are also wonderful with cream cheese or nut butters. It can also used as the filling for homemade jelly donuts, crêpes or peanut butter and jelly blondies! For a beautiful strawberry-forward red glaze on fresh fruit tarts or cheesecakes, heat our preserves in a pan, strain the seeds and add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice.