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Holiday Cozy Classics Gift Set

  • Treat your family and friends to the Holiday Cozy Classics Gift Set for a warm and comforting winter night at home. This set includes a selection of nostalgic sweet treats that bring back fond childhood memories. Inside, you'll find two glass bottles of Coca-Cola, a Hollyberry cracker box of truffles, a white chocolate Santa, milk chocolate cranberries, mini sour cherry bombs from Monarch, a classic candy cane, a handmade round reindeer cookie, an orange, a charming plush snowman ornament, and a festive "Happy Holidays" gift tray. The snowman ornament adds a special touch to the holiday décor, making this gift memorable for years to come. Personalize the set further by adding items such as beer, wine, cheese, and more!

  • This is what is included in this basket:

    2 Bottles Coke-Cola, 237ml : Coke is a sweetened, carbonated soft drink flavored with vanilla, cinnamon, citrus oils, and other flavorings.

    Hollyberry Chocolate Truffle Cracker Box : Crack open a bundle of fun with this delicious truffle box!

    Divine Confections Milk Chocolate Cranberry : Indulge your sweet tooth with our chocolate covered cranberries. These whole cranberries are encased in rich dark chocolate for a truly special treat.

    Hollyberry White Chocolate Santa On Duty : A classic Old Fashioned Santa, molded in solid Belgian white chocolate. A novel gift for any chocoholic. 360g

    Monarch Mini Sour Cherry Bombs, 220g : Yes, Sour Cherry Bombs Gummy Candy are sour, and yes, they are bomb! But they are also very fresh, chewy and yummy. Not only are they wildly delicious, but they are also made right here in Canada

    Spangler Candy Cane : Whether decorating the tree, having a family holiday get-together, or creating a favorite recipe, Spangler Candy Canes are an important part of the celebration. Spangler Candy makes the traditional red & white peppermint candy canes.

    Round Reindeer Cookie : Taste delicious shortbread cookies, a staple of the holiday season! Perfectly paired with a glass of milk, this cookie is the perfect treat to leave on the plate for Santa’s visit.

    Orange : Oranges are widely grown in tropical and subtropical climates for their sweet cirtus flavor.

    7" Snowman Ornament : This festive 7-inch Snowman will make a lovely addition to any holiday décor. It’s got a little hat and scarf.

    Christmas Village 2 Market Tray (Small) : A light blue market tray made of sturdy card, this gift tray is a lovely way to display holiday treats. On the sides, it has a cheery winter village scene and says "Happy Holidays"!